Women Tour Operators from Kochi interact with our Guides

Women TO

Our two day Annual General Body meeting and Elections held at Hotel Casino, Kochi went off successfully with participation of 70 Approved Guides from all over Southern Region. The biggest success of the event was that each and every Regional Level Approved guide understood the importance of Unity amongst our community

The Fresh batch of Guides who participated in our convention were happy and elated to join our family of Regional Level Guides.

Extensive discussions were held on matters relating to Unity, welfare, threat of persons posing as Guides, Insurance, court cases and other related subjects. TGFSI has unanimously accepted to support, SIRGAK, Kerala in fighting the court cases and also extended financial support to the tune of Rs 35,000. The cheque was collected by Mr. K. Gopalakrishnan, Hon. Secretary of SIRGAK, Kerala. He also welcomed the gathering and emphasised the importance of Unity of all RLGs from South India.

Women CEOs, Managers and Executives from various offices of Tour Operators from Kochi were given invitation to be with the Regional Level Guides from Southern India for a one to one interaction. About 20 women from leading Agencies in Kochi accepted our invitation and came to our convention hall along with Mr. Jose Dominic, Managing Director of Casino Hotel, Kochi. We explained to them about the advantages and benefits on hiring the Regional Level Guide approved by Ministry of Tourism. They were also briefed about our website www.tgfsi.in and the list of approved Guides available not only form Kochi but from all from Southern India. This helped our new batch of Guides with a positive introduction to some of the leading Tour Operators.

Members have elected a new set of office bearers for the term 2014- 2016. The members participated in the election enthusiastically and many offered voluntarily their thankless services to serve for this noble cause of protecting the rights and welfare of our Guide community. Please do click on the following link to see the full list of Office Bearers.  www.tgfsi.in/contact-us/

Finally, We would like to thank all the members, Tour Operators, well wishers and SIRGAK, Kochi for the successful conduct of this mega event. We would like to extend our special thanks to Mr. Shylender, Vice President, CGH Earth for magnanimously accepting our proposal to conduct this event at Hotel Casino and extending their helping gestures to the maximum possible. We thank Mr. Jose Dominic, Managing Director, Casino Hotel who also personally visited and wished our meet a success. We thank all the members of SIRGAK, Kochi who worked very hard for the success and smooth conduct of this Event.

L. Srinivasan
(Hon. Secretary)


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