About us

Tourist Guides’ Federation of South India

Tourist Guides’ Federation of South India, was founded in 2007 at Madurai. It represents all the Government of India approved Guides and their associations from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. There are more than 200 hundred Guides working with the visitors from all over the world. Many of our Guides are well qualified and specialized in various languages like French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and etc. apart from English. We also have many lawyers, teachers, professors and various other professionals signed up as Guides. TGFSI is also affiliated to the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA).

Some of the like minded senior approved guides felt that there is a need for an organization similar to the Federation to represent the guide community and bring the needs and developments to the right levels at the right time. Hence, the language guides’ forum which was meeting regularly earlier formed as the base to give birth to “Tourist Guides’ Federation of South India”.

About 40 senior Guides from all over south India met at Madurai in June 2007 and founded this organization.

The Objectives of the Federation would be: