Article 1 - Name

The name of the organization shall be “Tourist Guides'Federation of South India (TGFSI)”,(referred to in this document as “the Federation”).

Article 2 -Definition

The Federation shall be a non-profit - professional organization, dedicated to the promotion and welfare of all the licensed guides in the Southern Region, It will act as a platform to maintain a cordial relationship with India Tourism, Govt. of India, State Tourism Ministry and Other Government Agencies and to maintain a good relationship with all Tourism stake holders and tourism stakeholder's associations and to give high standards of training to Guides and maintain ethics within the profession. The official language used by the Federation shall be English. Legal documents shall be drawn up in the language of the state of the Secretariat. The Federation shall not engage in political, religious or racial activities.

Article 3 - Aims
  1. To establish contact with Tourist Guides and Guides'Associations throughout South India, to reinforce their professional ties and to promote and protect the interests of professional tourist guides.
  2. To address grievances and to seek redressal.
  3. To conduct lectures, refresher courses and educational trips within India and abroad
  4. To promote new destinations in south India
  5. To get proper guide / escort fees for guides and reduce exploitation of guides.
  6. To represent professional Tourist Guides and their Associations Nationally and Internationally.
  7. To work for the improvement of the quality and reputation of the profession of Tourist Guides worldwide.
  8. To hold the Convention of Tourist Guides and the Associations at regular intervals.
Article 4 -Membership
  1. Individual Membership shall be open to all the Guides of the southern Region.(Tamil Nādu, Kerala, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) who are approved and authorized by India Tourism, Govt of India. The annual membership fee will be Rs. 1200/- per annum / per person plus Rs 550 as one time joining fee for new members
  2. Members are entitled to participate in all activities of the Federation to benefit from the facilities of the Federation and each member is entitled to have a single vote at the General body.
  3. Each member shall agree to abide by the Constitution and the resolutions made by the bodies of the Federation, and to pay the annual membership subscription due of Rs. 1200/- on 1 April every year. The members paying after 3 months (after 31st July) from the due date should pay a fine of Rs. 300/- over and above their subscription due.
  4. Membership will be deemed to have lapsed should a member fail to pay the membership dues within the conditions laid down by the Executive Body. Membership may be withheld by a decision of the Executive Body, ratified by the Arbitration Committee, should a member, in their opinion, act contrary to the standards and aims of the Federation or in a manner damaging to the reputation of the Federation. Membership may be terminated by a decision of the General Body.
  5. Affiliate Membership will be open to tourism-related organizations, whether governmental, local authority or other officially funded or privately funded bodies involved at city, regional, national or international level with tourism-related activities. Affiliate Membership will also be open to education establishments, whether public or state controlled, or private fee-paying institutions involved with training in any aspect of the tourism industry. Their suitability for Affiliate Membership will be approved by the Executive Body. Affiliate Members will receive the free publication of the Federation. They may attend the Biennial Conventions as participants, paying the normal membership rate. Affiliate Members may be present as observers at training organized by, or under the auspices of the Federation, if they are actively involved in an administrative or teaching capacity in schools for tourist guide training, although they may not be tourist guides. The annual Affiliate fee will be Rs. 1000, payable on April each year.
Article 5- Finance

Funds of the Federation will accrue from:

  1. Membership fees for individual membership and affiliate fees-to be paid annually as recommended by the Executive Body and ratified by the General Body.
  2. Donations, bequests, subsidies from private or public organizations and through advertisement in our web site, meetings, conventions Etc.
  3. A per capita payment, as agreed by the General Body, added to the fee for attending the Federation's Convention.
  4. The funds shall be kept in a suitable account or accounts, in a nationalized Bank as decided by the Executive Body.
  5. Treasurer shall provide regular reports to the Executive Body at least once in 4 months and an audited Balance Sheet and an income and expenditure Account to be presented at the Annual General meeting.
Article 6- Composition

The Federation shall consist of:

  1. The General Body
  2. The Executive Body
  3. The Finance Committee
  4. The Arbitration Committee
Article 7- General Body

The General Body shall compromise of the fully paid-up members. It shall be convened by the President in consultation with the Executive Body. An extraordinary meeting of the General Body may be convened by the Executive Body, or on written demand required by one third of the membership.

  1. Methods of voting in the General Body
    1. Only one vote per member may be cast, irrespective of the number of Associations represented. The decisions of the General Body will be carried by a simple majority vote, with the exception of changes to the Constitution which will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting, and a quorum of 50% of the members. Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a secret ballot is required by any member.
    2. Proxies

      No Delegate may hold more than one proxy, duly authorized in writing, in the prescribed format of the federation.

  2. Functions of the General Body
    1. To receive the President's and Secretary's reports
    2. To approve the audited accounts of the Federation and receive the Treasurer's report on the finances of the Federation;
    3. To approve membership fees until the next General Body;
    4. To consider the report of the Executive Body on its activities since the previous meeting
    5. To elect the office bearers the Executive Body
    6. To decide on the location and approximate date of the next Convention and Annual General Body Meeting
    7. To consider and approve proposals for action for the next two years
    8. To ratify termination of membership as recommended by the Executive Body
  3. Quorum
  4. One Third of the Members present or represented shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the General Body. When no quorum is present, the President may postpone the meeting to a later hour or date, when decisions may be taken by any number of Members present or represented.

  5. Rules of Procedure of Election for the Executive Body
    1. Election for the Executive Body will be every two years
    2. The tenure of the executive Body shall be 2 year period
    3. Only the founder members could be nominated for any post in the Executive Body, for the fist two terms that is till 2012.
    4. Founder members are those who become members of the federation after fulfilling the criteria as per Article 4 and paying their subscription in full, on or before 31st July 2007.
    5. The candidates should send their nomination 21 days in advance to our secretarial office, along with the attested copy of the valid Identity card issued by the “India Tourism” Govt of India.
    6. The nomination should be proposed by 3 voting Members and seconded by another 3 voting members, with their valid attested copy of the valid Identity card issued by the “India Tourism” Govt of India.
    7. In case of a withdrawal of the Nominations, it should be done 10 days prior to the Election Day.
    8. The list of candidature will be communicated to all the members 7 days before the election
    9. The election process is only by secret Ballot
    10. In case of a Tie in the election for the executive body reelection will be held for the Post /Posts, as decided by the returning officer.
    11. On the Election Day, the candidates will be given 10 minutes each to address the Quorum, as an official campaigning and will answer the questions raised by the members within the given time. The Returning officer will be the presiding authority of this session and his decision is final
    12. The Executive Body will institute one returning Officer and 2 assistant returning officers, to conduct the Election, 30 days before the election.
  6. Voting Right in the Election for the Executive Body
  7. The Tourist Guides with the valid Identity card issued by the “India Tourism” Govt of India, who are fully paid members of the Federation, are eligible to cast a single vote for all the posts in the Executive Body.

Article 8- The Executive Body
  1. The Executive Body shall comprise a President, Vice President, Secretary, 2 Joint Secretaries and Treasurer shall be directly elected by the General Body to serve for a period of 2 years. The elected Executive Body shall appoint committee Members (minimum 5). They members of the executive body shall be eligible for the election for 2 consecutive terms (4 years) after which they may contest for election only after an interval of 1 term (2 years).
  2. Function and duties of the Executive Body
  3. The Executive Body shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization and shall, within the competence allotted to it, have the power to make decisions in order to further the aims of the Federation under Article 3 above. The Executive Body may also co-opt members to the Body if necessary, such members having no voting rights in the meetings of the Body.

    The Executive Body are empowered to make a recommendation at their “mid-term” meeting between Conventions of any proposed increase in members subscriptions (all categories) for the following biennial period commencing 1st April and for all members to be immediately informed.

    Further duties inter alia, shall be:

    1. To decide on applications for membership and to recommend termination of membership where necessary;
    2. To present an annual budget;
    3. To meet at least once between Conventions of the General Body;
    4. To appoint Area Representatives for the Federation;
    5. To issue such publications as shall be appropriate on matters of concern to Tourist Guides
  4. Simple majority of the members of the Executive Body shall constitute a quorum for any meetings of the Executive Body provided that the President or the Secretary is present.
  5. The Executive Body shall make its decisions by simple majority vote, except as provided by Article 8(f)
  6. No one shall hold more than one office at the same time. No Federation officer shall be remunerated. Expenses, properly recorded, incurred in the execution of duties of the office shall be reimbursed.
  7. By unanimous vote of no confidence by other members, a member may be required to step down from the Executive Body. The circumstances of such no confidence vote must be clearly documented and may only be for conduct that seriously damages the work and/or reputation of TGFSI or for dereliction of duties as an Executive Body Member. Failing which, matter shall be referred to the General Body’s decision
Article 9- Officers of the Executive Body (OFFICE BEARERS: RIGHTS AND DUTIES)


The functions of the President shall be:

  1. To Head the TGFSI and to preside over all meetings of the General Body and Executive Body.
  2. To implement the objectives of the Federation.
  3. To deal with all disciplinary matters arising in the TGFSI or in the Member Units as per rules on the subject. This would be subject to ratification in the next Executive Body Meeting of the Federation.
  4. To ensure that the financial position is sound and no unauthorized expenditure is incurred.
  5. To ensure that various business meetings, as required under the constitution have been duly held.
  6. To be the final authority in the matter of appointment to posts in the TGFSI Secretariat and Organizations. He may suspend, penalize remove or dismiss from service any employee of the TGFSI secretariat.


The Vice President shall perform the following functions:

  1. In the absence of the President, the Vice President nominated by the President shall preside over the meetings of the General Body / Executive Council.
  2. In the event of the prolonged absence of the President, a vice president, will take over the duties and responsibilities of the President during the period of absence.


The functions of the Hon. Secretary are:

  1. To plan, manage Secretariat affairs, organizational activities and other general affairs
  2. To serve as member Secretary to the General Body and keep a record of all proceedings and events.
  3. To sign all instruments or contracts on behalf of the TGFSI / General Body, Executive Body, Secretariat.
  4. To be sued or to defend on behalf of the Federation
  5. To be competent to take emergency measures in matters, which are not adequately covered by the provisions of the Constitution, Rules & Regulation: such measures shall be subject to latter consent of the Executive Body and subsequent approval of the General Body.
  6. Duties of the Secretary shall include taking minutes of all meetings of the Executive Body and of the General Body.
  7. To issue notice to all the members at least 21 days before the Annual General Body Meeting
  8. To convene the General Body and the Executive Body meeting.
  9. To inform all the members at least 30 days before any proposed amendments of constitution, which will come for discussion and amendment in the General Body


The Treasurer shall perform following functions:

  1. Shall have charge of the funds of the Federation and shall secure the deposit of the funds in the name of the Federation.
  2. Shall present at the Annual General meeting of the General Body duly audited copies accounts and Balance Sheet for the previous financial year together with a General report surveying the financial position of the Federation.
  3. Shall ensure the payment of all bills by Cheque as far as possible upon certification of the amount by the President / Secretary.
  4. The Treasurer and the finance Committee shall be responsible for the adoption of proper methods of accounting at the close of its year. He shall see that the books are examined and approved by the auditors appointed by the Federation.
  5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all his financial transaction to the President/Secretary General, and shall act in administrative matters according to the directive of the Secretary General.
  6. He shall have an imprest of Rs. 5000/= for day to day expenses.
  7. The funds shall be disbursed with the signature of any two of the three officers -Treasurer, President/Secretary


The Joint Secretaries shall perform following functions:

  1. Assist the Secretary General in all administrative affairs and perform duties assigned to them by the Secretary General from time to time.
Article 10- Finance Committee

The Finance Inspection Committee shall be made up of four members nominated by the Executive Body and they shall not be members of the Executive Body. Their duty shall be to inspect the finances of the Federation. Their term of office shall be two years.

Article 11- Arbitration Committee

All unresolved disputes arising under the articles of this Constitution shall be decided by the Arbitration Committee. The General Body shall appoint a standing Arbitration Panel of five non-executive members of whom three will-with the approval of the interested parties-arbitrate in any unresolved dispute.

Article 12- Proposed Amendments to the Constitution by the Membership

Any provision of this Constitution may be waived or changed in General Body by a quorum of over 50% of the membership and a majority of two thirds of those present and voting, provided that three months' written notice has been given of such proposed changes to the Secretariat.

Article 13- Dissolution
  1. If the Federation is dissolved, the funds remaining after liquidation shall be donated to a charity or charities as agreed by the Executive Body.
  2. The relevant authorities (Register of Societies) shall be informed in writing of the dissolution of the Federation and, in accordance with the societies Act, the last Executive Body shall gazette the dissolution.
Article 14- Other Matters

In matters not dealt with by this Constitution, reference shall be made to the Societies Act and subject to the constitution of India and as per the principles of Natural Justice.